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Dear Successful Real Estate Agent,

I understand that you are working at a brokerage that you are most likely satisfied with. Let me ask you a few questions: Are you selling as many homes as you would like? Are you making as much money as you would like? Do you feel like you are on call 24/7? Did you know that the median income for Realtors working well over 40 hours a week is $42,500 BEFORE expenses, while the median household income is $56,000? This is the case for many agents, who receive little to no help from their brokerage. Agents are among some of the most sold-to professionals there are. When I got my license, I was flooded with calls about coaching, marketing, and more. They all claimed to have a proverbial “magic pill” that would ensure my success. But why would someone spend thousands only to later discover there is no quick fix—no magic pill? If you remain among the ranks of the average agent, where will your life be in three months, six months, or a year from now? Will you be doing the things you want? If you have to transition out of the industry to make ends meet, what will you do? Will you have to work far into old age and live a lackluster life?

My name is Paul Gillespie—team leader and business coach for Keller Williams Gateway. Through our proven models and systems, I help agents achieve exactly what they want out of real estate on a daily basis. We have one of the only predictable and duplicable real estate systems in the industry. We have a culture of production through sharing causing synergy in our marketplace. We believe that a high tide rises all boats in a real estate company and we are proving that daily. At Keller Williams Gateway, you will get world-class models and systems, one-on-one coaching, world-class training from successful agents throughout the world, marketing consultation to brand YOU the agent, access to some of the top minds in the industry, and much, much more! All of these things are in place to put the agent first, ensuring your success. Using these tools, you can reap the rewards of a successful real estate career by enjoying steady income, the freedom and peace of mind you deserve, and the ability to build a business worth owning.

Sure, you could go to a company that is corporate-owned and supported by local people leaving them susceptible to company-wide policy changes that may not be to the benefit of the local agents, or you could work for a company where they provide little to no support to the agents, adopting a “figure it out” mentality—but why do that when you could choose Keller Williams Gateway? Keller Williams Gateway is locally owned company that is supported by the best minds in the industry, adhering to a culture of excellence through the sharing of strategies and systems that will ensure your success.

However, don’t just take my word for it. Talk to Rebecca, who was in the banking industry but is set to close over 30 homes in her first year with us. Or you could talk to Jose, who owned his own brokerage before joining Keller Williams Gateway. Since doing so, his business has never been better. He is organized and following a proven model, which is causing his expenses to go down and his profit to go up.

We would like to make you an offer to join our Market Center, where you would have access to the same systems and tools described earlier in this letter. You will be on the road to success from day one. We will have a concierge service assist in setting up your website and mobile app, we will schedule a one-on-one consultation with our agent services team to order your business cards, go over the Keller Williams systems, and enroll you in the necessary training vital to your success.

We guarantee that if you follow these models and implement our systems, your business and quality of life will increase. If they don’t, we will pay to transfer your license to your brokerage of choice. Furthermore, if you get started now, we will also pay to transfer your license into Keller Williams Gateway from your current brokerage.

I am sure you have a lot of questions about the details of your transition. You may be wondering things like:

Don’t worry. I assure you we will address each and every one of your concerns. Much like you are an expert in assisting buyers and sellers in their transition between homes, we are experts in helping agents transition from their current brokerage into the next phase of their career. We look forward to assisting you in your journey towards a successful business and life.

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