Do you feel stressed out? I know I do. Working full time and keeping up with my four daughters makes it increasingly difficult to find tranquility and relaxation. That’s why I decided to incorporate some Zen principles to create a comfortable haven for all of us.

In interior design, Zen reflects balance, harmony, and relaxation, and here’s how you can apply it to your own bedroom.

First, choose a natural color pallette. Neutral colors like white, gray, and warm brown provide a timeless backdrop that evokes the calmness of nature and matches any accent color for an ordered space.

Second, invest in a great bed. A substantial and comfortable bed promotes a good night’s sleep. Opt for a mattress with a dense memory foam core—it’s awesome! When arranging your furniture, position the bed against the wall farthest from the door. This achieves a sense of safety and allows for more foot traffic to flow through the room. Also, consider anchoring the bed with a heavy wooden or upholstered headboard or a dark accent wall. These things create a sense of being enveloped or cocooned.

Next, pay special attention to the lighting. One of the most annoying ways to lose sleep is by glaring sunlight flooding your space. To create a nurturing sleep space, cover windows with light-blocking roller shades framed by beautiful linen drapes. To give the room a welcoming glow at night, frame the bed on either side with table lamps or wall-mounted reading lamps. Soft, indirect light, rather than the harsh brightness of overhead light, will help maintain healthy circadian rhythms.

Lastly, layer on those natural textiles. From wool rugs to cotton bedding, go overboard on high-quality natural textiles. The softness of the material will cushion sound and make comfort and calm a priority. For large area rugs, look for 100% wool since synthetic blends don’t hold up as well to traffic and vacuuming. When shopping for bed sheets, choose 100% cotton with longer fibers, such as Egyptian or Pima.

“Go forth with calmness, serenity, and balance.”

Now you’re ready to create your own Zen bedroom. Go forth with calmness, serenity, and balance.

If you need help adding some Zen to a home you want to sell or you’re looking for a home of your own that could use a special Zen touch, give us a call or shoot us an email. We’d love to help you and those you care about move with confidence.